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50+ 5-Star Reviews

The Only Polyester & Plastic-Free Gym Brand

Plastic & Polyester-Free - Made With Bamboo, Hemp & Cotton.

Plastic & polyester-free - absolutely no synthetic fibers!

Made of natural fibers like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton

Naturally antimicrobial to help wick sweat & keep out stink

Absolutely NO endocrine disrupting chemicals or plastics

Gym clothes, without the plastic.

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No Endocrine Disruptors

100% Plastic-Free

Why Ryker?

Most big name gym brands make clothes with cheap polyester that can shed microplastics into your skin and is chock full of harsh chemicals.

But you deserve better than cheap, plastic, endocrine disrupting gym clothes.

At Ryker, we make premium, fitted gym clothes with only natural fibers (like bamboo, hemp & cotton), never polyester or other plastic-based, endocrine disrupting chemicals and fibers.

NEVER made with polyester or other plastic-based fibers

Absolutely NO endocrine disrupting chemicals or fibers

100% Natural Fibers: From the Earth, not from a lab

"I didn't realize my gym clothes were literally made of plastic..."

Most big brands (yes, even the brands you love!) use synthetic fibers - like polyester, elastane and spandex

What they don't tell you is these fibers are actually made of plastic.

We wanted something better - so we made Ryker.

Fitted gym clothes made with 100% natural fibers like bamboo, hemp & cotton.

...It's time to ditch your plastic gym clothes

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See Why 1000+ Customers Love Ryker!

50+ 5 Star Reviews!


"Finally something that's polyester-free. Also it's nicely fitted to hug your arms just like other brands. Suprisingly comfortable - definitely glad I made the switch."

- Julian D.

Comfortable & Breathable

"I wanted to switch from polyester but was worried bamboo and cotton wouldn't be as comfortable. I was so wrong! It's soft and stretchy - I wear them daily to lift!"

- Derrick W.

No Microplastics

"After learning about microplastics in athletic clothing I tried to find a good brand without them. Happy I found Ryker! Very comfortable - I have 2 shirts and a pair of joggers!"

- Ethan K.

What's Wrong With Polyester?

The reality is simple: Polyester is made of plastic. That means every time you toss on big brand gym clothes you're working out (and sweating) in plastic.

And when you wash it? The cheap polyester fibers break down, shedding microplastics into the water supply (and your skin!).

Seriously, our customers love us...

"I had been looking everywhere for comfortable polyester-free gym clothes - happy I found Ryker! I have 2 shirts - they're comfortable and stretchy but don't feel like plastic."

Tucker W.

Verified Buyer

"I love the bamboo and cotton blend in the shirts. Very comfortable and breathable in the gym. The bamboo is a great touch in addition to the cotton. No more polyester for me!"

Daniel R.

Verified Buyer

"Looked everywhere for plastic-free gym joggers and couldn't find them. Ryker's joggers are comfortable and I feel good knowing there's no polyester or plastic."

Terrence H.

Verified Buyer

Why Bamboo & Hemp?

Our bamboo & hemp fibers blends perfectly with our cotton base to create a wonderfully stretchy, soft, & natural fiber that's perfect for all types of activity.


Naturally porous fibers ensure enhanced breathability.


Naturally fights odors & prevents bacteria growth.


Improved stretch & elasticity for comfortable gym style.


vs. The Other Guys

We're obssessed with bringing you high quality, plastic-free gym clothes. We don't cut corners and we never use polyester or other plastic-based synthetic fibers.

"The Other Guys"


Tons of Polyester

No Microplastics

Can Shed Microplastics

Made of Bamboo, Cotton & Hemp

Made of Plastic-Based Fabrics

No Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

May Contain Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Naturally Antimicrobial

Traps Heat, Sweat & Bacteria

Minimally Chemically Processed

Heavy Chemical Processing

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