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50+ 5-Star Reviews

The Only Polyester & Plastic-Free Gym Brand

Plastic & Polyester-Free - Made With Merino Wool & 100% Cotton.

Plastic & polyester-free - absolutely no synthetic fibers!

Made of natural fibers like merino wool & 100% cotton

Naturally antimicrobial to help wick sweat & keep out stink

Absolutely NO endocrine disrupting chemicals or plastics

Gym clothes, without the plastic.

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No Endocrine Disruptors

100% Plastic-Free

What's Wrong
With Polyester?

 The reality is simple: Polyester is literally made of plastic.

That means every time you toss on big brand gym clothes you're working out (and sweating) in plastic.

Which means polyester:

Sheds Microplastics

Contains Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Has Potential Fertility Impacts

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The Vitality 100% Cotton 5.5" Gym Short- 2 Pack Bundle (Save 10%)


The Vitality 100% Cotton 5.5" Gym Short- Indigo


The Apollo 100% Merino Wool 5.5" Shorts - 2 Pack Bundle! (Save 10%)


The Apollo 100% Merino Wool 5.5" Shorts - Ocean

Why Ryker?

Most big name gym brands make clothes with cheap polyester that can shed microplastics into your skin and is chock full of harsh chemicals.

But you deserve better than cheap, plastic, endocrine disrupting gym clothes.

At Ryker, we make premium, fitted gym clothes with only natural fibers (like bamboo, hemp & cotton), never polyester or other plastic-based, endocrine disrupting chemicals and fibers.

NEVER made with polyester or other plastic-based fibers

Absolutely NO endocrine disrupting chemicals or fibers

100% Natural Fibers: From the Earth, not from a lab

"I didn't realize my gym clothes were literally made of plastic..."

Most big brands (yes, even the brands you love!) use synthetic fibers - like polyester, elastane and spandex

What they don't tell you is these fibers are actually made of plastic.

We wanted something better - so we made Ryker.

Fitted gym clothes made with 100% natural fibers like merino wool & 100% cotton.

...It's time to ditch your plastic gym clothes

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Trusted by dozens of top pros...

Case Bradford, @casbrad

Verified Buyer

Zack Strength, @ZackStrength

Verified Buyer

Dr Sam Soete, @sam_soete

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And thousands of real people...

50+ 5 Star Reviews!


"Finally something that's polyester-free. Shorts fit great - similar to other big brands but happy they are made with much healthier fibers."

- Julian D.

Comfortable & Stretchy

"I wanted to switch from polyester but was worried 100% merino wool wouldn't be as comfortable. Was very wrong - shorts are super soft and stretchy - wear them daily to lift"

- Derrick W.

No Microplastics

"After learning about microplastics in athletic clothing I tried to find a good brand without them. Happy I found Ryker! Very comfortable - I have 2 shirts and a pair of joggers!"

- Ethan K.

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vs. The Other Guys

We're obssessed with bringing you high quality, plastic-free gym clothes. We don't cut corners and we never use polyester or other plastic-based synthetic fibers.

"The Other Guys"


Tons of Polyester

No Microplastics

Can Shed Microplastics

Made of Merino Wool and 100% Cotton

Made of Plastic-Based Fabrics

No Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

May Contain Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Naturally Antimicrobial

Traps Heat, Sweat & Bacteria

Minimally Chemically Processed

Heavy Chemical Processing

Why Merino Wool?

Gym clothes made of wool?!

We know what you're thinking.

But merino wool is different.

Soft & Zero Itch

Ultrafine fibers are softer than normal wool, eliminating any itchiness.

Temperature & Odor Regulating

Naturally regulates temperature, fights odors & prevents bacteria growth.

Naturally Stretchy

Ultrafine fibers have a natural stretch - without the need for palstic synthetics.

See why 1000+ people have made the switch...

"These shorts are fantastic. I was looking for a quality cotton gym short, but they just didn’t exist. If they did exist they were long and baggy. These have a great fit and a short inseam. I dare say they could be .5”-1” shorter."

Jake W.

Verified Buyer

"Great inseam length. Awesome feel. Nothing to complain about here. These are hands down the best gym shorts I will buy, and I would highly recommend the 100% cotton gym shorts"

Daniel R.

Verified Buyer

"The shirts are very comfortable and use quality fabric (no plastics or synthetic junk). Definitely recommend for any gym goers or people looking for activewear"

Bryan B.

Verified Buyer

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