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Ditch your toxic polyester underwear

Try Ryker’s 100% Merino Wool Underwear. Because you don't need plastic on your balls.

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100% Natural Fabrics

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Polyester-Free Men's Underwear

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The Titan 100% Merino Wool Boxer Brief - Athracite

Polyester & plastic-free

Made of 100% Merino wool

Hugs your quads without riding up

Naturally stretchy, temperature regulating and odor resistant








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"Ryker's shorts are an absolutely elite alternative to polyester plastic shorts. They are super lightweight and silky smooth. Would highly recommend for anybody who is looking to ditch their polyester shorts but still wants that stretchy feel that you need in the gym."

Case Bradford, @casbrad


Man taking a selfie in a home gym with exercise equipment in the background.

"Ryker's shorts are extremely comfortable and I actually wear them more outside of the gym. I find them so comfortable and usually wear them around the house or when talking a walk. Such a great alternative to polyester shorts."

Zack S., @ZackStrength


Person squatting on a ramped platform, using gym rings for support, wearing a weighted vest.

"I was honestly shocked when I first tried on the gym shorts. Most natural shorts I've tried are just ok, but these actually feel like regular gym shorts but somehow are 100% Merino wool. Highly recommend for exercise or even just lounging around"

Travis D., @the_travisday



vs. "The Other Guys"

We're obsessed with bringing you high quality, plastic-free gym underwear. We don't cut corners and we never use polyester or other plastic-based synthetic fibers.

"The Other Guys"


Tons of Polyester

No Microplastics

Can Shed Microplastics

Made of Merino Wool and Organic Cotton

Made of Plastic-Based Fabrics

No Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

May Contain Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Naturally Antimicrobial

Traps Heat, Sweat & Bacteria

Minimally Chemically Processed

Heavy Chemical Processing

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What’s wrong with polyester?

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made of

toxic plastic

Polyester is PLASTIC. You likely try to avoid plastic - so do you really want to wear it?

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Endocrine disrupting chemcials

Polyester can have endocrine disrupting chemicals - which can drop your T levels.

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Sheds Microplastics

When you wear polyester, microplastics can shed into your skin and the air around you.

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BPA and "Forever Chemicals"

These "forever chemicals" can leech into our water supply (and your skin).

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Formaldehyde & antimony

Formaldehyde? You mean the toxic chemical they use on corpses? Yup, we do.

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Potential Fertility Impacts

Endocrine disruptors are one reason men's sperm counts are down 50% since 1970.

Nature's Activewear Fiber

Why Merino wool?

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Naturally stretchy and elastic

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Temperature regulating & NO itch

Black men's boxer briefs with 'RYKER' branded waistband on a white background.

Naturally anti-microbial & anti-odor

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The Titan 100% Merino Wool Boxer Brief V2 - 3 Pack Bundle - Anthracite (Save 10%)


The Titan 100% Merino Wool Boxer Brief V2 - 3 Pack Bundle - Royal (Save 10%)


The Titan 100% Merino Wool Boxer Brief V2 - 6 Pack Bundle - Anthracite (Save 15%)


The Titan 100% Merino Wool Boxer Brief V2 - 6 Pack Bundle - Royal (Save 15%)


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Trusted by thousands of real people

From professional athletes to top fitness influencers, see why thousands are ditching polyester and switching to Ryker.

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Was tired of plastic on my balls

I was honestly shocked once I learned most of my underwear was made of plastic. Don't want that on my balls. Went searching for a brand without polyester - happy I found Ryker!

Jason M., Los Angeles

Merino wool is super comfy & strechy

These boxers fit exactly like my Lulu boxers. Was skeptical of Merino wool at first because I thought it'd be hot and itchy - I was wrong and these are honestly great!

Connor B., New York City

WAY better than 100% cotton boxers

Most natural boxers I've tried are just 100% cotton. They have no stretch and get super hot! These Ryker ones are super different - super stretchy, lightweight, and don't get too hot.

Ethan K., Austin Texas

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